NGS Analysis

Bologna University, 2017

Cedric Notredame


This series of lectures will address the problem of short read mapping and their quantification with or without alignments. A tutorial based on Nextflow will illustrate the deployment of an RNASeq quantification pipeline. The last part of the course will be dedicated to de-novo genome assembly for single and meta-genomes.

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BolognaLECTURESNGS Read Mapping and QuantificationL
BolognaBIBLIONGS Read Mapping with KalistoP
BolognaLECTURESRe-sequencing and Variant CallingL
BolognaBIBLIOOriginal CNV analysisP
BolognaBIBLIOCNV in the human populationP
BolognaSEMINARSReproducibility of NGS analysisS
BolognaPRACTICALSRNASeq analysis using NextflowP
BolognaBIBLIONGS Read Mapping with NextflowP
BolognaLECTURESSingle Genome Denovo AssemblyL
BolognaBIBLIOIntroduction to Bruijn GraphsP
BolognaLECTURESMeta Genome De Novo AssemblyL

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