An introduction to Multiple Sequence Alignments and Phylogeny

Saragosa, April 2010

Cedric Notredame

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The goal of this course is to introduce the notion of multiple sequence alignments, we will see what are the main issues at stake and examine the biological application of these models, such as phylogenetic reconstraution and homology analysis. We will especialy insist on the practical aspects and show the students how to avoid the most common mistakes when computing such alignments. We will also introduce the most commonly used algorithm and packages such as ClustalW, T-Coffee and Muscle. During the practical, we will insist on how accurate and reliable models can be computed through methods combinations.

Wed. 14/04 09:00 ---LECTUREIntroduction to Multiple Sequence Alignments L L L
Wed. 14/04 15:00 ---PRACTICALMSA PracticalP
Wed. 14/04 16:00 ---PRACTICALMSA PracticalP