Turkey Course 2000

Multiple Sequence Alignments

  1. Comparing Two Sequences
    1. Mutations and genetic code
    2. Compare and DotPlot
    3. GAP and BESTFIT
    4. Looking at the structure of genes
    5. Finding repeats

  2. Homology Searching
    1. Using Blast
    2. Protein sequence homology search
    3. DNA sequence comparisons

  3. Motifs, Multiple Sequence Alignments and Profiles
    1. Using Pileup andClustalW
    2. Construction of a Domain.
    3. Using Psi-Blast.

  4. Phylogeny
    1. Telling Orthologous from Paralogous.

Credits: Some of these exercises have been taken from "The ABC of Bioinformatics" and "The Swiss EmbNet Bioinformatics course", in Lausanne.

Last Update: 03/06/00